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Rationalization of Salaries

It has been observed that in our OGA colleges there has been striking disparity in the pay structure of teachers. Sometimes for the same qualifications and experience teachers were getting differing pay. This has obviously a disappointing thing for the teachers. The present Managing Committee after assuming charge, has initiated steps for rationalisation of the pay structure for the teaching staff of the OGA sponsored colleges. A sub-committee was formed for this purpose.

The first step was to get the information from all the 11 colleges regarding details of educational qualification, age, date of joining, experience and pay details of all the teaching staff. The information was put into an electronic database.

After detailed discussions several parameters were taken into consideration for evolving a methodology for proper implementation of the rationalisation of the pay structure among the OGA colleges. Further we also made a provision payment of gratuity for the staff. Similarly, the statutory compliances with regard to the contribution towards ESI, EPF were also taken care of.

To get the first hand information from the concerned colleges, OGA also conducted a workshop on the Rationalisation of salaries on -------!!!!--------------. The workshop was attended by chairmen, Vice Chairmen, Secretaries, Treasurers, Governing Body members, Principals. The meeting was also attended by the past presidents of OGA, senior members of OGA and Exhibition Society members.