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We are all proudly aware of the glorious contribution by our OGA, which resulted in the creation of excellent infrastructure of our colleges. However, presently due to various reasons some of our colleges are facing new challenges:
a.) Imparting quality education with greatly reduced aided staff
b.) Ensuring financial viability of colleges in view of rising expenses on various fronts.
We need to find solutions to our problems. Times are changing we are now living in the fast changing World of cloud computing and Blockchain Technologies. With this in view the MC of OGA has identified and discussed the following issues and addressing the same:

  • Rationalizing and Implementing Pay Structure for our OGA College unaided Teaching Staff
  • Dealing with the situation arising out of Govt, withdrawing aided staff from Colleges.
  • Strategies to enhance the quality of Education in our colleges.
  • Framing a Common Constitution for all the OGA colleges.
  • Restructuring the OGA website and resumption of Newsletter.
  • Revising the Manual of Procedures for strict adherence to rules.
  • Publication documenting problems of our OGA Colleges.
  • Updating OGA members list

Some of the problems especially those related to finances and academics are complex and sometimes seem unsurmountable. However, I am confident that if we put all our ideas and expertise together, we should be able to solve most of the issues. Your inputs would be very valuable. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. D. Gangadhar Rao
President of Osmania Graduate's Association