Lal Bahadur College of Education :

Osmania Graduates' Association had been nurturing the intentions of starting professional colleges, particularly the colleges of education, since early eighties. A resolution was passed to this effect by its Managing Committee. However, the policy of the Government at the time was not one of encouraging establishment of B. Ed Colleges and hence O. G. A's intentions remained dreams unfulfilled for almost two decades.

In 1995, with a change in the Government's policy for the better, permissions were being granted for the establishment of B. Ed. Colleges in rural areas. It was time for the O.G.A. to turn its long cherished dream into a reality. Three districts in the Telangana region were identified for the purpose – Warangal, Ranga Reddy and Mahaboobnagar.

Sri C. B. Namdev, Former President, Osmania Graduates' Association and President, Economic Committee, along with Sri P. Narayan Reddy, Hon. Secretary, Lal Bahadur College, spearheaded the process. They were assisted by two dynamic office bearers of O.G.A., Sri P. Vasantha Rao, President and Dr. T. V. Gopala Chari, Secretary. The joint efforts of other members of Managing Committees of O.G.A. and the Exhibition Society resulted in the establishment of the Lal Bahadur College of Education at Warangal, in the year 2002-03.